Year 2035. You are the first crew of astronauts to land on Mars.

The radiation is deadly, the atmosphere is suffocating. How will you survive in isolation and build the first Mars colony?

Mars Nation is a series of events where like-minded enthusiasts and experts collaborate to solve grand space exploration challenges.

Do you have what it takes to make Mars Colonisation a reality?

Future Missions



Past Missions


Survive on Mars: Space Law

Join us to learn from Thomas Cheney about the Outer Space Treaty and space law for asteroid mining, debate the future of space law, and collaborate with like-minded people to solve Mars Colonisation problems.

Thomas is a PhD Candidate in Space Law. His research focuses on space property rights and space mining. Thomas has recently represented a variety of space law initiatives at the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. Thomas believes that space colonisation should be commercially viable.

10 November, BIS London

Survive on Mars: Robotic Assistance

Join us to learn from PhD candidate Iulia Motoc about the use of robotics in space exploration, make your own robot, and collaborate with like-minded people to solve Mars Colonization problems.

The event will be held at the British Interplanetary Society, the oldest space organisation in the world. The Society has created many pioneering concepts from spacesuit designs to a 1938 lunar lander.

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22 September, newspeak house london

Survive on Mars: Life in Isolation

Join us at and learn from Neuroscientist Dr Vincent Giampietro about the mental health issues astronauts face in space, train your brain like an astronaut, and collaborate with like-minded people to solve mental health problems.

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